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Football is one of the most popular sports to play. However, it is sometimes confusing because it looks like rugby, but there are many differences in in-game methods and rules between those two sports.

Unlike rugby, which moves freely around the field like soccer and basketball, American football is divided into opposing teams and their own camps, preventing opposing players from penetrating into their camps in defense, and expanding their areas by advancing blocks 10 yards apart. Because of this way of playing, it is evaluated that the strategies and tactics of American football are the most similar to the strategies and tactics of actual war among other ball sports.

As it takes the form of this type of turf war, the rules are broader than rugby. Unlike rugby, a forward pass is allowed by throwing, which is why the focus is not on taking away the opponent’s ball, but on preventing the opponent from crossing. Therefore, in addition to the “tackle” that prevents players with balls, there is a technology called “blocking” that prevents players who do not have balls with skills that soccer and rugby do not have. Blocking is a technology that knocks down the opponent by hitting the body, and because it is a sport with such a severe physical fight, various protective equipment is worn.

In addition to the fact that there are a lot of instantaneous exercises and there is no limit to a replacement, the composition of players in the attacking team (Offence) and the defense team (Defence) of the same team is different. And there is also a special team that only appears in certain situations.

American football game time

American football is a quota system, with four quarters based on 15 minutes per quarter. The first and second quarters are called the first half, the third and fourth quarters are called the second half, and 12-minute halftime is given after the first half. In the second and fourth quarters, a two-minute warning time (2 Minute Warning) is given for the last two minutes. The net game time is one hour, but the actual game lasts for about two to three hours because the game time stops after a certain play.

The Time Stops:

– the pass operation fails (incomplete)

– the player holding the ball goes out of the sideline

– there’s a foul

– 3 timeout opportunities per team in the first half and the second half, respectively

– Referee Timeout (in case of injury or other problems)

– At the end of the fourth quarter, if both teams are tied, there will be a 15-minute overtime, and if they are tied again or if they do not score, the game will end in a draw.