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Hike in Patagonia

Hiking is a great equalizer. Any person with a slight inclination towards natural beauty enjoys a long or short walk in a pretty place studded with shady trees and lush green meadows. But that doesn’t mean all hikes are the same. Some hiking spots are regarded objectively better with taller peaks, greener meadows, and more beautiful flowers.

In this piece, we’ll introduce you to some of the best hiking spots located in our glorious nation.

  1. Penobscot & Sargent Mountains, Maine
    Rocky scrambles, crystal-clear ponds, and lush green trees make this the most rewarding hiking experience in Acadia National Park. The 5.4-mile hike begins at Jordan Pond House, a quaint eatery that offers a nutritional boost to hikers but is otherwise not worth a visit. Surrounded by water on three sides, the panoramic view at this location captures the entire Down East Coast.
  2. West Maroon Creek Trail, Colorado
    This beautiful trail is perfect for those hiking in July when wildflowers are at their best. The entire 1o-mile route is embellished with violets, blue columbines, and larkspurs. This rewarding journey begins with a huge surprise at the trailhead: Maroon Lake reflecting the glorious peaks of the Maroon Bells. The twin peaks are one of the most popular and widely photographed sites in the country. If a daylong hike seems too exhausting, there are several shorter variations too.
  3. Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota
    The Midwest’s magnificent hike runs along the ridgeline of Lake Superior for almost 300 miles, stretching from Duluth to the international border. If you climb up 1,000 feet above the lake and gaze down into forested valleys, you can also sight moose, bears, or beavers. You’re welcome to backpack through the entire length of the trail, but smaller trailheads every five to ten miles make it doable for a day excursion too.
  4. Tillamook Head Trail, Oregon
    Discovered by William Clark in 1806, Tillamook Head offers a dramatic view of the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean. The 6.3-mile trail climbs over 1,000 feet of old-growth forest studded with marvels of nature. While traversing the thick forest, keep an eye out for eagles, elks, and migrating gray whales in spring and winter. You can visit this trail all year long and find out what mesmerized William Clark to call it the “grandest prospect I’ve ever laid my eye upon.”
  5. Tongue Mountain Loop, New York
    The Tongue peninsula rolls out into Lake George, its five peaks standing in sharp contrast to the area’s busy towns. Although the spot is crisscrossed with multiple trails, hikers mostly concentrate on a 13-mile loop near the lower half. This spot offers generous views of the lakes and islands. After the hike, you can also cool off at sunny Montcalm Point.

All in All

The United States is studded with multiple hiking spots that enable you to engage with nature and appreciate its raw beauty. We hope you’ll find the above guide useful while picking out your next adventure.