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Car mechanic is holding a wrench ready to check the engine and maintain it with the assistant.

The question of how to maintain a car is something that all vehicle owners need to ask themselves the moment they make the purchase. Proper maintenance makes it possible to keep your vehicle in great shape, thus reducing the chances of potential breakdowns that can be very costly

There are many specific aspects that you need to consider before you can be confident that your cars are being adequately maintained. Through proper maintenance, you can use your vehicle for years without having to consider getting a replacement and keep the resale value up when you finally decide to trade it in.

Basic maintenance

Essential maintenance of the oil, gas tank, and wiper fluid will protect your car from major breakdowns. For your vehicle to function within the optimum levels, you need to change the oil regularly to ensure that the movable parts are well lubricated. Proper lubrication will enhance the performance of your engine as the friction will be reduced. Your gas tank also requires some routine maintenance to ensure that the vehicle operates at optimal levels. You need to take your car to an approved garage for the tank to undergo the cleaning process. They will drain the fuel and remove any sludge that might have built up over time. Regarding the wiper fluid, ensure that you use an approved windshield wiper fluid. This will keep your windshield clean while protecting your paint if there is overspray.

How to check tire pressure

You need to ensure that your car’s tire pressure is within the acceptable limits, between 32-40 psi. To check the tire pressure, you need a pressure gauge. You can easily find this equipment in the local automotive store or a nearby gas station. Once you access this equipment, you should remove the cap used to enclose the air valve. You are advised to keep the cap in a safe place so that you don’t lose it. Then, press the tire gauge against the open valve for a few seconds before observing the reading. Any figure below 32 psi signals you to pump air into the tires. You can release some of the air if the reading is above 40 psi.

Checking the fluid

The brake fluids need to be checked regularly to ensure that the car is within the required status. Usually, in a situation where you may decide to operate a vehicle without examining the level of the brake fluids, the chances of getting into an accident due to brake failure are high. Also, the effectiveness of the brake fluid declines with time. As a result, you need to ensure that they are changed regularly to prevent the occurrence of any unforeseen circumstance that can lead to the loss of your life.