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What is hiking?

Hiking is climbing a mountain for the purpose of exercise, exploration, and leisure use. It is a leisure sport that can satisfy the desire to conquer by overcoming a given obstacle by responding to changes in nature, using and coping with nature. Organizational hiking has been carried out since the French climbed the highest peak of the Alps in 1786. Hiking is good for physical training and mental training, but it is a dangerous exercise, so you should have cooperation, patience, sacrifice spirit, boldness, and calmness. After you are all ready to go on hiking, wait for nature to come and feel free to breathe in and out fresh air!

How to plan a hiking trip

First of all, it is important to select a destination in consideration of physical strength, technology, and the purpose of hiking. Other plans shall be made in consideration of the following.

– First aid and contact methods are established in advance in case of an accident.

– After investigating matters related to mountains and courses, each person divides and entrusts the appropriate role.

– Food and equipment are prepared according to the hiking schedule, and preliminary surveys or surveys are conducted on local weather changes, topography, geology, and transportation relations.

hiking in various ways

– Walking: Looking forward about 5 meters (5-6 steps) while thinking about the change of terrain and the target point. Step on the floor with all your might, walk for about 20 minutes with a narrow stride, and then walk for 40 to 50 minutes and rest for about 10 minutes.

– Climbing: Stretch your toes slightly outward and lift your feet slightly higher. Walk through the sole of your foot, but hold the safe place with your hands and place the center of your body slightly in front of you.

– Lowering: Pull and bend the knee so that it does not bend, and be careful not to tilt the center of gravity back and forth. Keep your body balanced with the next foot in mind, and take a step from the tip of your foot on the downhill road.

– Walking speed: Keep a certain distance between the members and walk at a constant speed based on the person with weak walking ability. The experienced person should take the lead and control the walking speed.

– Hiking time: It varies depending on the course, usually around 12 kilometers a day, around 4 a.m. and 2 p.m.

– Rock climbing: Hold the rock firmly with both hands, as if pushing the rock with the sole of your foot. Move your feet safely and then move your hands.

– Snow climbing: The valley walks slowly with small steps. The steep slope rises as it digs concave into the tip of the shoe.

– Using Giles: There are two ways to tie the Giles that are absolutely necessary for hiking: pulling and eight-character gables.