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Technology has given us a lot of perks, from entire computers that fit into our pockets to virtual reality games that fully immerse you into alien worlds. If we want to get very specific, it’s even given us homemade chai lattes and live video feeds of our porches when someone knocks. However, somewhere along the way, it’s also given us invaluable tools that help us parent without losing our minds.

Whether you’re a new parent or you’ve already got a whole brood, there’s something for everyone on this list if you have kids under four.



If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that every new and seasoned parent worries about leaving our tiny defenseless humans alone in a room at night. The fear of SIDS, the terror of midnight spit-ups and blocked airways, or even just an overzealous cat hopping into a crib can leave us tossing and turning and constantly checking on our kids throughout the night, leaving us sleepless and cranky the next day, even if the baby slept well. Thankfully, technology has come a long way. Here are two products that every parent needs for their infants.


The Owlet Sock

This tiny Owlet Sock monitor straps onto your baby’s foot and sends WiFi signals to your smartphone, tracking heart rate and oxygen levels. It will quickly inform you if either one drops to a dangerous level, allowing you to sleep soundly, knowing you don’t need to check on your sweet love every ten minutes.


Angelcare Sensor Pad

The Angelcare Sensor Pad is a wireless pad that rests underneath the crib mattress, alerting you if your baby doesn’t move within a twenty-second window. It’s sensitive enough to pick up each breath and is safe inside the crib with your child. It works in tandem with a monitor and a loud alarm system that will wake you up if there is a problem.



Once you’ve wrapped your sleepless mind around sleep-filled nights and you’ve transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed, it’s a whole new world. Not only is your sweet baby no longer confined by the crib sides, but they’re MOBILE and can easily hop out of bed and terrorize you at 4 a.m. Thankfully, inventors have children, too, and there are two excellent products to help your toddler learn when it’s okay to start their holy terror reign of the house or get up from naptime.


The Hatch Rest

Fully controlled through an app on your phone, the hatch is a nightlight that changes colors when it’s time to sleep and time to rise. It also provides sounds that help them get a good night of shut-eye, meaning you get the same! It comes in three versions for every budget, and toddler parents (yes, me too) swear by them!


Echo/Echo Dot by Amazon

These tiny interactive speakers pack a punch when it comes to parenting a toddler. You can set timers, play white noise, have it read a story, set a morning alarm, and a lot more. As your child grows older, they can even use the echo to help them find out what the weather is for the day or break down a math problem. Alexa is truly a huge help when it comes to functionality, and the parental controls are superb.